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Season Duration Options Costs
Fall Beach Aug 13 - Oct 31 1-3 days per week 500-850
Winter Beach Nov 5 - Jan 28 1-2 days per week 400-650
Spring Beach Feb 11 - May 6 1-3 days per week 500-950
Summer Beach May 13 - Jul 31 1-3 days per week 525-1100

Program Information

Players First Beach Volleyball provides a year-round option to train on the sand. Players do not require a partner to participate in the program. Our training is focused on individual development so that players do not rely on a specific partner and can play with any player and be successful. We have a Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer session. When you register you can pick an option for each season. If you pick 1 option from each season you will receive our year-round discount of 20%.

P1 does offer a National program for those athletes that want to pursue beach volleyball at the collegiate level or those athletes that are looking to challenge themselves past the indoor courts, The National team is selected each Spring.

Please contact for program details.