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NRG Programs

NRG Programming Details

*When programs are active registration will be available on the homepage. If registration is not available on the homepage the program is in the scheduling process and will be made available once scheduling is completed


NRG Elite League - $130/player
Spring League 2021 April 3 - May 22

- 8 week league
- Practice on Saturdays & Play on Saturdays
- Tournament last week of the league
- Medals awarded 1st - 3rd place
- NRG court coach provided  - Non-NRG coach allowed if bringing a full team
- T-shirt jersey provided

The NRG Elite league is our basic recreational league. Teams will practice 1 hour on Saturdays and then play 1 match after their practice. 2nd-4th graders will play by basic recreation rules while 5th grade and up will play by 2-touch rules. There are no tryouts and players can request to play with friends. Each team will have an NRG court coach each weekend. 


NRG Pre-Club League - $350/player
Spring Pre-Club 2021 April 2 - May 22

- 8 week season
- 2hr practice on Fridays - matches on Saturdays
- End of season tournament
- Numbered jersey provided
- Dedicated NRG coach
- Evaluation required

This league is for more advanced players. The pre-club athletes will have to attend an evaluation to be placed on a team. Players may still request to play with friends as long as the requested friends meet the evaluation criteria.  We will have 2 divisions of pre-club, 4th-6th and 6th-8th. Players may play up a division as long as they pass the evaluation for that division. Evaluation criteria is as follows:

- Overhand serve from 15 feet from the net
- Each player must serve 5 out of 10 balls inbounds
- Service receive from server standing 15 feet off the net
- Each player must pass 5 of 10 serves to target area

- Overhand serve 4 feet from the end line
- Each player must serve 5 out of 10 balls inbounds
- Service receive from server serving from the end line
- Each player must pass 5 of 10 serves to target area


NRG Academy - $230/player
Spring 2021 Academy April 5 - May 25

The NRG Academy is our basic fundamental training for ages 7 & up. This is a 2 hr training session each week for 2 hours each session. This is a great program for new players to begin to learn the sport. Many of our recreational league players do the academy and the league to get more touches.


Elite & Hi-Performance All Skills - $25

The all skills clinics are ran throughout the year. They are focused on skill specific training followed by controlled gameplay. These clinics are provided in 2 different skill levels, Elite & Hi-Performace.
Elite level is for those more new to the sport and either play on Elite level club teams, or participate in recreational volleyball. 
Hi-Performance level is for those that are more advanced and play on National level or above club teams.



The NRG Kid's Club is for ages 7 to 12 (grades 2-6). This monthly subscription program where young athletes will participate in weekly clinics designed to teach fundamental volleyball. By joining the kid's club each athlete will receive the following:
- 1 training session per week
- 20% of all NRG programming (camps, clinics, leagues, etc..)
- 1 to 3 free t-shirts per year/half year
- NRG window decal

Costs: $100/month

Stay tuned for the upcoming Summer content for the Kids club!


FRIDAY Serving Clinics $20

Come work on making your serve awesome!! Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, our serving clinics will help you improve your serve. Beginners will work on their basic overhand serve while more advanced players will work on spot serving and jump serving. Each clinic is 1 hour on Fridays from 6:00 - 7:00 PM