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2023-2024 Club Info

2024 Team Levels Offered

Level Description
AMPD Top travel teams where athletes main goal is to compete at the National level and pursue volleyball in college
National Light travel teams where athletes goals are to compete at a high level and possibly play at the collegiate level.
Bolt Regional teams for athletes that want to improve their skillset with the goal preparing for higher level of gameplay
Premier Entry level program for those athletes that are new to club and want more competitive volleyball past recreational leagues

AMPD Navy Coaches

Team Coach Team Coach
18 AMPD Navy Jessica Ransom 14 AMPD Navy Tracy Moore
17 AMPD Navy Katre Laanes 13 AMPD Navy Misty Carraway
16 AMPD Navy Brandy Bryan 12 AMPD Navy John Miller
15 AMPD Navy Ben Kubik 11 AMPD Navy Charito Agosto

AMPD White Coaches

Team Coach Team Coach
18 AMPD White Devon Handley 15 AMPD White Bianca Upshaw
17 AMPD White Shekinah Sharpe 14 AMPD White Madison Holl
16 AMPD White Vincent Ines 13 AMPD White Gilbert Federico

AMPD Blue Coaches

Team Coach Team Coach
17 AMPD Blue Jesus Cortes 15 AMPD Blue Kim Gibson
16 AMPD Blue Brooke Townsend 14 AMPD Blue Jesus Cortes

National Coaches

Team Coach Team Coach
16 Nat Navy Waverly Federico 14 Nat Navy Gerardo Acosta
16 Nat White Madison Holl 14 Nat White Brooke Annen
16 Nat Blue Alexis Praytor 14 Nat Blue TBA
15 Nat Navy Christy Omer 13 Nat Navy Taylor Hobson
15 Nat White Erin Huff 13 Nat White TBA
15 Nat Blue Charito Agosto 12 Nat Navy Mikey Fetalsana

Bolt Coaches

Team Coach Team Coach
15 Bolt Navy Emalee Lowe 13 Bolt White TBA
14 Bolt Navy Emily White 12 Bolt Navy Kayla Brock
14 Bolt White TBA 12 Bolt White TBA
13 Bolt Navy Cierra Guerrero 11 Bolt Navy Amy Henderson

Premier Coaches

Team Coach Team Coach
14 Navy TBA 12 Navy TBA
14 White TBA 12 White TBA
13 Navy TBA 11 Navy TBA
13 White TBA 11 White TBA

Teams Costs

Level Cost Range Payment Terms
AMPD TBA Deposit + 6 or 9 payments
National TBA Deposit + 6 or 9 payments
Bolt TBA Deposit + 6 or 9 payments
Premier TBA Deposit +6 payments

What to do before tryouts?

Potential players should attend some of our pre-tryout clinics so that coaches have a chance to work with them and have some understanding of their abilities.

During all clinics coaches and admin staff will be available to answer questions from parents and athletes in regards to teams, coaches, facility, practices, etc...

Team Level Inclusions

Level Regional Tourneys Qualifiers Practices Agility Training
AMPD 6-7 2-3 2 2hr/week Included
National 6-7 2 2 2hr/week Included
Bolt 8 NA 2 2hr/week Optional
Premier 5-6 NA 1 2hr/week Optional